What You Should Know Before Buying Jewelry Online

Picture yourself looking for the perfect engagement ring, or that beautiful necklace to spoil yourself with on your birthday. Or is it your anniversary and you want to buy your better half a nice diamond bracelet. Shopping for jewelry has become much simpler but still as enjoyable as it was before- if not much more. Gone are the days where you had to spend countless hours going from one jewelry store to the next in order to find what you are looking for(and probably finding limited stock available), you can simply find what you want at the click a button online. However to those who are not adept at it, buying jewelry can be quite a confusing task. Here are a few tips you to help you before you set out to buy jewelry online.

Check the Seller’s Reputation

Before starting anything, make sure you authenticate the online stores that you plan to shop from. Ensure you research deeply into the seller’s reputation. Check out the reviews from multiple buyers to see how it is they found the experience of buying from them. Read also the privacy policy of the seller to ensure your information won’t be shared to a third party.  Here is how to tell if the website is reputable.

They say seeing is believing, and as such the GIA recommends requesting detailed pictures of the item you want to buy. This is to help you ensure the quality of the product. Take note of any markings and where they are for confirmation purposes.

Coverage and Return Policies

It is important to verify the coverage of the piece, especially when buying an expensive diamond or gemstone. There is no guarantee that your policy will cover the you sufficiently if the piece is damaged, lost or stolen therefore talk to your agent beforehand to see what kind of coverage you have in place.

If it is not covered, or you have no way of fully protecting the piece you should really consider getting insured. Also look at the store’s return policy in the event that the piece is damaged whilst in transit.

Transport Care

Even after making your purchase you aren’t out of the woods yet. There’s the issue of ensuring that the piece you have bought gets to you in perfect condition. It is important to ensure that the piece is packed into a soft cloth pouch that can be sealed to ensure that it doesn’t become loose while being transported. The box in which it is to be transported in should be packed with extra bubble wrap to ensure that the pouch doesn’t bounce about in transit. You can even pay extra to ensure that your piece is packaged in a bigger box that will allow all the necessary precautions to be taken comfortably.